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Investment Services

We offer a complete suite of investment management services such as:

  • Financial Planning - Wide range of Equity, ETFs, PMS, REIT, and structured products for specialised needs
  • Asset Allocation & Execution
  • Portfolio Management
  • Tax Management
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Management

Mutual Funds

Invest in the best funds available in the market! Our team of experts, handling more than 4500 funds from over 35 AMCs, help you pick quality funds that satiate your appetite for making the right investment decisions.

Our team's guidance stems from:

  • In-depth financial research
  • Focus on growth and value creation
  • Annual portfolio review on investments
  • Dedicated investment officer
  • Personalised service

Life Insurance

We care for your family as much as you do. Wise investments for your family's secured future! Child Plans, Pension Plans, Whole-life Plans, Pure Term Plans & Investment Plans.

  • Children Education and Marriage Investment Programme
  • Low Cost Pure term insurance that covers all liabilities
  • Customised Pension plans
  • Periodic money back schemes with loan facilities
  • Unique low-cost Unit Linked plans (ULIPs/ULPPs)
  • Specialised Tax saving re-investment programme

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Fixed Deposits

Trusted by 3 generations of depositors.

Car Finance

Buying a new car? The most viable loan option - Up to 100% funding at attractive rates and choose between EMI or FMI!

Insurance Finance

100% funding on fresh insurance and renewals!