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  • Fast turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Simplified documentation
  • Customised Financial Solutions
  • Research based industry specific Solutions

A complete suite of cash flow based financial solutions for Small, Medium Enterprises and Emerging Corporates. Our offerings cater to the needs of different industries in Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution and Services segments.

A. Working capital Loan

  • Working capital Demand Loan
  • Trans-lines (for transport operators)
  • SF Express GST
  • SF Smart Credit

B. Enterprise Business Loan

C. Machinery Term Loan

D. Channel Finance

Working Capital Demand Loan (WCDL)


  • Assessed and renewed every year
  • Lesser pricing than Working Capital Loan
  • Multiple WCDL Loans can be booked
  • Option to close multiple loans in tranches as per your convenience



  • Assessed method of income derivation
  • Support to meet capital investment to maintain young fleet or expand fleet

SF Express GST & Smart Credit


Loan Limit upto Rs. 1 crore. Avail loan as per your convenience:

  • Fund Based Credit Facility, or
  • Amortised business loan facility
  • Combination of both
  • Charge on Current Assets not required

Enterprise Business Loan


  • Working capital converted as business loan
  • Top up loans with speedy approvals

Channel Finance


  • Finance to Dealers to procure goods from companies
  • Bills of Vendors will be discounted upon acknowledgement from companies
  • Repayment period is based on the working capital cycle
  • Vendors of the large companies can avail-Working Capital, Business Loans, Machinery Term Loan, Infrastructure Funding for Brown Field Project and Capacity Expansion

Machinery Term Loan


  • Finance for a wide range of General purpose equipment
  • Used Machinery Financing
  • Top up loan

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